V3 NE Fiber Blowing Machine

Robust and powerful, pneumatic operated fiber blowing machine

Robust and powerful, pneumatic operated fiber blowing machine designed for single cables and for relining of multiple micro ducts. Configuration can be made for cable between 4 and 40 mm and duct dimensions between 10 and 63 mm. The unique Joystick controller and the agile motors securing a optimal control of the installation. With an anodized aluminum construction, the machine is lightweight but still very strong.

Technical data

4-40 MM / DUCT 10-63 MM

  • Pneumatic operation, double motors.
  • Electronic counter for speed and distance.
  • Gentle operation with long contact surface on the cable.
  • Display for speed, distance and pressure in duct.
  • Max. speed 65 m/min (215 ft./min), max pushing force on cable 1800 N.
  • Adjustable clamping force.
  • Option of sub-ducting kit for installing several micro ducts. Example: 7×7/3.5 mm or
    4×14/10 mm in a 50 mm tube simultaneously.
  • Works with JetLogger
  • Joystick Controller with forward and reverse function.
  • Duct air quick release valve.
  • Transport case
  • Extra fixtur
  • 1 bottle Micro Duct Lube
  • 1 bottle Duct Lube
  • 1 bottle pneumatic oil
  • Service kit
  • 12 mm cabels guides
V3 Fiber Blowing Machine

Duct Air Release: Duct Air Release Valve, making the reduction of air from the duct very fast.

Jetting V3 Duct Air Release
  • Afterblower
  • Floating kit
  • 9-12 V adaptor. For replacing 9 V digital display battery. 
  • Duct air quick release valve
  • Jetlogger
  • Duct clamps
  • Cabel guides for 15, 22, 26 and 34 mm
  • Cabel seals
  • Double Claw Pipe holder