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V0 HD Fiber Blowing Machine

Extremely compact fiber blowing machine for fiber installation.

Extremely compact electrically operated fiber blowing machine optimized for FTTX installation of blown fiber (EPFU) and micro/nano cables, from 0,8 to 6,5 mm into duct from 3 to 16 mm. A full digital control system with softstart, electronic fiber security, memory functions combined with a 200 N powerful motor makes the machine very flexible and effective to use. Can be operated directly from its case.

Technical data


  • Electrically operated. Battery connected. Optional power supply.
  • Allows installation in a larger duct with a smaller compressor.
  • Electronic stopping/slipping protection within 250 ms.
  • Gentle operation, reduced cable pull with the aid of continuously variable pushing force.
  • Forward and reverse function
  • Display for current speed, distance, pushing force pressure and duct air temp.
  • Max. speed: 110 m/min.
  • Stepless pushing force on cable up to: 200 N.
  • Adjustable clamping force.
  • Works with JetLogger.
  • 110/240 V Power supply. No need to charge or change batteries
  • Table bracket. For safe installation on working table.
  • Jetlogger. Electronic documentation system.
  • Metal drive wheel for < 2.5 mm cabel.
  • Softstart: Enables an even smoother start protecting the fiber.
  • Memory: The last inserted data like pushing force will stay in the memory even if the device will be switched off or the battery need to be exchanged.
  • Service info: Memory of total milage/distance since machine taken into operation.
  • Duct air temp: Display showing the air temperature injected into the duct.
  • Transport Case
  • 3 drive wheels
    • 1 pcs with rubber 0,8-3 mm
    • 1 pcs for 3,0-4,5 mm
    • 1 pcs for 4,5-6,5mm
  • Battery charger 230 V
  • 2 Batteries
  • 1 Bottle Micro Duct Lube
  • Service kit
  • Ground cable
V0 Jetting Fiber Blowing Machine
  • Jetting Working Table
  • Cable guides
  • 110/240 V Power supply. No need to charge or change batteries
  • Table bracket. For safe installation on working table
  • Jetlogger. Electronic documentation system
  • Metal drive wheel for < 2.5 mm cable
  • External cable guide for V0-series case
  • 10 m. Airhose 3/8”
  • Cable seals
  • Jetair 100270 Compressor
  • Jetdrum K8 Drum Rack

Jetting Machine Overview