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Privacy Policy

Last updated 2019-11-04.

Who handles your personal data? Who is the Data Controller?

Jetting AB (556692-5359), which processes your personal data, is the Data Controller.

About Jetting

Jetting AB is a company that develops, commercialize and delivers products, components, moreover specializes in system solutions with the main focus on the fiberoptic market. Jetting features a wide range of innovative machines for infrastructure within mainly passive fiber optics. Jetting headquarter is located in Tidaholm, Sweden. View www.jetting.se

How we may collect personal information

When you register for a newsletter or use any of our contact forms on our publicly available website or choose to write an email to us at the same time, you give your consent to processing your personal information that you submit to Jetting. We also collect information that can be derived from you via the use of so-called cookies. We might also collect some personal information from you if you visit us on any of our marketing exhibitions or sign up for any of our seminars.

Types of personal information that is collected

IP-addresses, geo-location (roughly estimated), email address, name, phone number, submitted texts from message boxes, eventual files (attachments) containing personal information, pictures or video clips.

Does Jetting share my data with third parties or other recipients?

Jetting does not share your personal data with third parties or other recipients without a valid reason or if we by law are required to do so. 

If you are a customer or supplier to Jetting we may share your data (contact details) with third parties to fulfil the terms of the contract.  Here we use the legal basis: performance of contracts or in some cases legitimate interest. 

Marketing materials containing your personal data such as pictures or video clips may be shared with third parties on Jetting website, advertisement space, intranets or social media platforms. Here we use the legal basis: legitimate interest as a rule of thumb. 

When we apply the legal basis: legitimate interest we weigh the intrusion into personal integrity against the benefit to Jetting. This is a wholly objective assessment which is carried out on a case-by-case basis.

For what purpose is the information used?

Personal data that you share with Jetting is used to carry out our business operation at Jetting and to develop or sell our products and communicate relevant information to you. 

Personal data you provide along with a job application is only used to determine if an available or future job fits your profile and to communicate that information back to you.

Otherwise, Jetting only uses your information to contact you in the context that you request and in your interest in our products or our business (legal basis: legitimate interest and / or your consent).

How long we store your personal information

We only process your information regarding newsletters until you unsubscribe from future mailings.

Jetting will only save your information and attached files that you send to us regarding job applications for 2 years due to the Discrimination Act, thereafter all related information attached to your name is automatically removed. Automatic deletion does not apply if your job entry should lead to employment. 

If you are a customer or supplier, we will store your information for as long as necessary to fulfil our agreement to you (legal basis: performance of contracts). Upon termination of the agreement, your data will be stored for 1 year before deleting if you are not still showing interest in our products.

Otherwise, Jetting only process your data if we have a valid reason and legal basis, your documented consent, or where the law requires that we do so. 

How we secure your personal information 

When you visit our website, your traffic is protected by a so-called SSL certificate (industrial standard). This protects your information by encryption when you click the button send, register for any of our newsletters or use the website in general. We have also ensured that our service providers and data controllers process your information safely through agreements and technical measures. 

All registries that are stored with your personal information are protected with login and permissions and are only available to people sharing your and Jettings mutual interest in the treatment, for example. HR department in connection with a job application. 

In the case of data controllers, there is always an underlying agreement that ensures access and that no unauthorized disclosure of your personal data is made.  

We also have internal policies and routines for example: 


Service providers and assistants that get access to your personal information

Service providersShared personal information
MailChimpName, email address
Microsoft Office 365
(European data centres)
Name, company name, email address,phone number and submitted
messages from contact forms
Nasdaq Corporate Solutions
(for press releases
and newsletters)
Email address
Microsoft Azure Storage location for log files containingname, company name, email address,
phone number and submitted
messages in the message box
Google Analytics Analysis data via third-party cookie
for marketingand web analysis
(IP-addresses and roughly estimated
Hotjar Analysis data via third-party cookie
for marketing and web analysis
Data controllers Shared personal information
Ohappa AB
(web bureau)
See section ”Types of personal
information that iscollected”

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter? (in case of such)

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, unsubscribe your newsletter by clicking on the link “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the message. When you opt-out you will also be deleted from our registry for newsletter entirely. 

Your rights and how you can invoke them 

As a citizen in an EU/EEA country, you have various rights under the GDPR. (Swedish document)

Jetting is careful to ensure that your data is used in an appropriate manner. 

You therefore have the right to request the following from Jetting: 

To invoke your rights, you can send your request to the Jetting Privacy Coordinator at info@jetting.se. Please feel free to contact Jetting at the above e-mail address if you have any questions. You can also file a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Authority or another supervisory authority within the EU. 

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